Flashcards: Storytelling

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Be inspired and let your imagination fire away!

These beautiful fantasy flashcards can be used in many creative ways. Play the fun game, make up an original fairytale story, or create a play in groups!

Main Intelligence: Linguistic
Skills: Linguistic creativity
Learning Objectives: Invent stories; Build narratives; boost imagination and creativity; Follow rules
Topic/Context: Fairytales
Game Type: Improvised Story-telling

Instructions: Flashcards Storytelling

Quick Instructions:
There are twenty picture cards in the set, each with a character or object that could be typical of a fantasy story or fairytale. 

These flashcards can be grouped by context/location:
Castle (green background); Forest (red background); Sea (blue background); Village (yellow background)

The cards also have symbols relating to the characters and objects, which indicates its function/role in the story:
Place (house symbol); Protagonist (crown symbol); Antagonist (evil face symbol); Assistant (horse symbol); Magic object (star symbol)

There are multiple ways to use these cards. The following games/activities are explained in detail in the instructions:
- Families Game (2–4 players, age 4–5)
- Create a Fairytale (1+ players, age 6+).

Variations of Create a Fairytale could be to:
- Write out your story in your book. Highlight the key words taken from the picture cards.
- Verbally create the story together as a group, taking turns and improvising the storyline. An adult/teacher could point to the different children to decide who speaks when, and could hold up a card to direct them to talk about that character/object during their turn.
- Create a play in groups based on the cards. 

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Age: 4–6 years
Number of players: 1+
Duration: 30 minutes
Contents: 20 illustrated cards; 1 instruction card
Box Dimensions: 4.70 x 9.60 x 18.8cm
Origin: Made in Italy