Touch 2-Piece Farm Puzzles

Educational Activity
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Lots of two-piece puzzles for little fingers!

Piece together the puzzles and marvel at how many different pictures you can create! Each subject features two giant self-correcting puzzle pieces with plenty of tactile details.

Main Intelligence: Personal 
Skills: Worlds in comparison
Learning Objectives: Recognise a place from its characteristic features; Fine motor skills; Early notions of the natural world; Shapes and spatial awareness
Topic/Context: The Farm
Game Type: Puzzles

Instructions: Touch 2-Piece Farm Puzzles

Quick Instructions:

Farm Discovery: Have the children lay the pieces out on the playing surface, facing up. Ask them to compare the pictures on the pieces with those on the back of the box, drawing their attention right away to the general context and to each element in it. Don’t forget to say aloud the names of each object on the back of the box, point to them and prompt the children with questions like: “This is a hayloft! This is a tractor! This is the farmer!” And so on.

Assemble the Puzzle: Now ask them to fit the pieces together. If the children are finding it difficult, help them by handing them the right piece and ask them to fit it to the matching one. Each time the children put a mini-puzzle together, don’t forget to say the name of the object again out loud, pointing to it.

Improvise Ideas: The next step would be to make up stories starring the various objects pictured, using questions like, “What is the man on the tractor's name? And the farmer? And the girl picking fruit? Do you know her?” And so on. Give the children some practice in answering the questions, making up scenarios and talking about them They’ll be naturally inspired by the and object shapes to think up stories and games set on the farm.

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Age: 2–5 years
Number of players: 1+
Duration: 20 minutes
Contents: Fifteen two-piece puzzles with special tactile tiles
Box Dimensions: 4.3 x 18.8 x 18.8cm
Origin: Made in Italy