Korbell Mini 3Pk Refill

9L Bin
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Korbell’s powder-scented nappy bin liners are both sturdy and stretch-resistant to securely hold your dirty nappies without breaking, tearing or falling apart.

Made for the Korbell Mini 9L Bin
8 Refills per carton

Our nappy bin refills feature a unique, continuous roll, giving you the flexibility to create nappy bags of different sizes. There’s no wasted liner material when you want to empty the unit before it is full. Plus, Korbell doesn’t waste bin liner material by individually wrapping each nappy, resulting in additional savings for users.

Korbell’s biodegradable nappy bin liners are the most environmentally friendly solution available.

Biodegradable bag refills are tough and flexible, strong, and tear-resistant. Our bag liners will biodegrade in both landfill and compost sites.


Korbell Bag nappy bin refills are made with 20% recycled materials.

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