Brain Trainer Puzzle

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Challenges galore! Test your observation, orientation and logic.

Assemble the large 108-piece puzzle and use the special “draw and cancel” felt-tip pen to complete six fun challenges. The enjoyable exercises help to develop memory, observation, classification and orientation.

Main Intelligence: Spatial
Skills: Forms and colours
Learning Objectives: Visual method; Develop the attention; Practice in concentration; Practice children's orientation skill; Develop manual skill
Topic/Context: House
Game Type: Puzzle and challenges

Instructions: Brain Trainer Puzzle

Quick Instructions:

- A Game of Search and Find - Players search in the house and in the garden for the 30 elements indicated on the upper part of the frame, and mark them directly on the puzzle.
- Look for Photos of the Family - Players can search for all the family photos (5 for each member) and, once found, mark them directly on the puzzle.
- Look for the Dog's Things - Players can search the house for the 9 objects belonging to the dog. Once found, they can mark them directly on the puzzle.
- Game of Silhouettes - On the frame of the puzzle there are 19 silhouettes of objects that are hidden in the house and in the garden. Children must recognise these objects by their shape and then mark them.
- Game of the Labyrinth - With the special erasable felt-tip pen, children can discover the only thread between the many that connect two objects or two persons.
- Look for the Differences - In several rooms of the house there are two pictures that are apparently equal, but in reality conceal 5 differences. Children can search for the differences directly on the puzzle.

All activities proposed can be carried out using the special erasable pen directly on the puzzle.

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Age: 4–6 years
Number of players: 1+
Duration: 60 minutes
Contents: Large puzzle (60 x 44 cm) consisting of 108 pieces; “Draw and cancel” felt-tip pen; Instructions
Box Dimensions: 5.5 x 24.5 x 20.5cm
Origin: Made in Italy