123 Puzzle

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Recognise numbers and quantities in sequence!

This set features a large puzzle-style teaching abacus for learning about numbers in several ways: in a vertical direction, children can associate the symbols from 1 to 9 with the respective quantities; in a horizontal direction, they then place numbers and quantities in sequence. There's even a fun game for expert little learners to finish with!

Main Intelligence: Logical-mathematical
Skills: Numbers and quantities
Learning Objectives: Recognise the numerical sign; Compare the quantities; Associate number with quantities; Make the first numerical series
Topic/Context: Animals, Creatures & Insects
Game Type: Puzzle

Instructions: 123 Puzzle

Quick Overview:

The material contained in the package is useful for familiarising children with numbers by developing the recognition of both numbers and quantities, and the ability to sequence and sort the numbers in a progressive and regressive way, reconstructing a real number index.

The following games are explained in more detail in the instructions:

- First Steps: From Quantities to Numbers
- Learn to Count
- Put Together the Number Index
- The Racing Game

More Information
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Age: 3–6 years
Number of players: 1+
Duration: 20 minutes
Contents: Puzzle abacus 48 x 32.5 cm, 27 pieces
Box Dimensions: 4.60 x 15.4 x 20.5cm
Origin: Made in Italy