Teddy Baby Big Ears Cuddly Brown Dog Blankie

Size: 35 x 35cm
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This Teddy Baby Big Ears Cuddly Brown Dog Blankie will become your baby's new best buddy. Made of soft plush fabric with a cute spotty pattern and big floppy ears, this soft toy will make your child feel safe and secure.

Size: 35 x 35cm

The well-loved Teddy Baby range has been designed and created by the Swedish family-run baby product company, Teddykompaniet. These toys comfort and soothe thanks to their gorgeous soft colours and snuggly fabric! The Teddy Baby Range is traditionally pink or light blue for newborns. Something cute, bordering on irresistible, softer than soft and preferably with a little rattle or squeak!

The Big Ears family consists of polka dotted dogs, bunnies and elephants, all with long and silky ears that children love to snuggle with. There are baby blankets, music boxes, soft animals and easy to hold rattles all in the same soft material, perfectly suited to become your child’s new friends. 

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Length: 35 x 35cm

Age: 0+ months

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