Night Driving Adult Glasses

Grey Frames
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Shadez Night Driving Glasses reduce glare and UV light intake. Great use for low light conditions. It eases your conduct while driving by allowing more light transmission after sunset. 

These glasses are not meant for normal daylight use.

Colour: Grey Frame

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Developed by Swiss parents who saw a growing need for fashion forward kids eyeglasses with optimal protection and durability the concept was born. Shadez are trendy and durable, and developed to make every experience cool.

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Significantly reduces glare from LED and Xenon headlights while enhancing colour contrast.
Reduces eye strain and headaches.
Special blue light filters to decrease eye fatigue and greatly improve night driving safety.
Effective in rainy conditions and fog.
Includes cloth and pouch in a stylish box which you can use for all your trips.

Colours Available: white, black & grey

Frame: Polycarbonate
Lenses: Polycarbonate
BPA content: BPA Free
Category Protection: Cat. 0
UVA/UVB Filtration: 100%
Paint/Coating: Rubber Paint

Designed in Switzerland

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