Rocket Ricky

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Indigo Jamm

Wooden toy rocket with movable rocket flames. Complete with two colourful removable wooden spacemen.

This retro wooden rocket is made of sustainable rubber wood. 
Designed for children aged 18 months + 

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L20cm x H10cm x D16cm

Care Instructions
Our toys can be gently cleaned with a natural nonabrasive soap and a little water dampening a cloth. Once cleaned, moisture should be removed with a dry cloth and the toy should be allowed to air dry naturally before re-use. Soaking in water is not recommended as this may cause the wood to swell and distort.
Avoid leaving toys outside as the sun will cause paint to fade and rain can cause the wood to swell and distort.
It is natural for paint to fade through time and wooden toys tend to take on a pleasing used look as they are played with over many months and years.  It is important that toys are regularly checked throughout their natural life to ensure they remain safe for play.