Milla with Carrot

Rabbit size: 9cm
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This cute plush bunny comes from Sweden.Her name is Milla. Soft toy is sewn by skillful hands of the masters of the family company teddykompaniet. Bunny Milla keeps carrot in his feet, has a height of 25 cm.

Eared beauty is able to conquer the hearts of children and adults with its charming appearance. Look at her soft and silky fur coat and a nice face with dots-so cute you want to hug and hold on to yourself!

TeddyKompaniet, is based in Sweden, and have a long heritage of creating cuddly and high quality toys. A household name in Scandinavia, renowned for its high quality and attention to detail, producing great toys for your children or gift that will be forever treasured. All TeddyKompaniets products have been tested according to current safety standards, in both Sweden and the EU, and comply with CE according to EN71 regulations, which means that they are; Child Safe, Flame and Fire Resistant and of course Non Toxic


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Product size: 25cm

Care Instructions

Machine washable at 40 degrees Celsius.

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