KODAK C525 5” Smart VBM

Baby Monitor
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The KODAK CHERISH C525 Baby Monitor helps you stay connected to your little ones at home or on the road.

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With rechargeable batteries and WiFi connectivity, the CHERISH C525 camera provides tilt, pan and zoom options so you can capture even more of the quiet moments. With a KODAK baby camera and the KODAK Smart Home App, you can cherish all the beautiful moments of your baby's development without disturbing their sleep.

More Information
  • EXTENDED RANGE AND WIFI CONNECTIVITY - The KODAK CHERISH C525 lets you keep an eye on your little one, whether you’re right next door in the living room or abroad. The WiFi connected video baby monitor delivers HD video and audio any time of day or night, anywhere in the world.
  • MONITOR FROM ANYWHERE - Receive a smart feed to the baby video monitor over WiFi and stay connected via your smartphone. The KODAK CHERISH C525 is designed to work best in a home up to 370m3 (4,000 square feet).
  • GREAT BATTERY LIFE - Take your monitor on the go with up to four hours battery life for the parent unit and five hours for the camera.
  • PORTABLE BABY MONITOR AND CAMERA - Built-in rechargeable batteries in both the baby monitor and camera makes your KODAK CHERISH C525 mobile. With extended battery life you can easily monitor activities throughout the house or hotel and stay connected during a power outage.
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR HD IMAGE - Large 2.8-inch widescreen display delivers a crystal-clear HD stream from the video baby camera. The result is an uncompromised image that lets you keep a close eye on your little one.
  • SMART NOTIFICATIONS - Receive Motion and Sound notifications to the KODAK Smart Home App instantly. You’ll always know how your little one is sleeping, whether you’re at the office or right in the next room.
  • SPLIT SCREEN - With the split-screen feature you can keep an eye on two to four places in your home when you have an additional camera/s (sold separately).
  • CLOUD AND SD-CARD RECORDING - KODAK Smart Home App and SD-Card Recording lets you capture the video stream from your KODAK CHERISH C525 video baby monitor, so you can revisit special moments for years to come and share them with family.
  • TWO-WAY TALK - Soothe your child naturally with the clear sound of your voice.
  • TEMPERATURE ALERTS - Help keep you and your baby comfortable and safe all year round.
  • WALL MOUNTABLE - Allowing you to install your baby camera anywhere with ease.
  • TILT, PAN AND ZOOM - The KODAK CHERISH C525 allows you to control the camera with increased range using your smartphone or tablet.
  • INFRARED VIDEO - Night vision delivers a clear HD Video, even when the lights are off.
  • ONE-TOUCH ON/OFF SCREEN - Monitor sounds in your little one’s room without an intrusive glowing screen.
  • ILLUMINATED KEYPAD - Soft glowing keypad allows for easy operation after dark.
  • SOOTHING LULLABIES AND WHITE NOISE - Sooth your baby with quiet lullabies and white noise during the transition into sleep.
  • READY TO USE - Camera and parent monitor come pre-linked. So just turn on and you are good to go.
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