2 X Pacifier Pink/Purple 2+M

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Twistshake pacifiers are made to comfort your baby with its perfectly adapted shield. The four air holes help to keep the skin dry and prevent irritation. Twistshake super soft silicone is every baby’s first choice and the orthodontic shape is safe for your baby’s dental development. Of course, all Twistshake pacifiers are BPA-free!

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BPA-free – Safe for both you and your baby.
Adapted shield – Perfectly adapted shield that fits every baby.

Extra air – Gentle on the skin due to our four large air holes.
Orthodontic nipple – Specially shaped nipple that is easy to latch on and fits the mouth perfectly.
Super soft silicone – Specially selected silicone that is gentle and soft for the baby.

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2 + months

Available in: Pink/Purple, Blue/Green, and Black/White