Alphabet Abacus

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This alphabet abacus is a brilliant and fun learning tool, to teach your child to learn and recognize letters and images.

This classic alphabet abacus has large bold and colourful letters on one side, providing both capital and lower case letters for the whole alphabet. This letter can then be spun around on the abacus to reveal an animal, object or image starting with that same letter which is on the other side of the block.

Kids will have fun spinning the blocks on the abacus as they learn the alphabet and recognise and identify each letter and object, encouraging the use of words and understanding of the sounds of each letter.

Your child can play alone or along with an adult.

More Information

3+ years

23.5 x 9.7 x 26.5cm

Hand Crafted Natural Wood

Number of Pieces:
36 pieces

Care Instructions

Please read to our product warnings on our labels. DO NOT give toys with small parts unsupervised to children under the age of 3 or who still place items in their mouth.

DO NOT use chemical based cleaning products or wash wooden toys directly in water