Agility Stretch Carrier Medium Black

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JJ Cole

The JJ Cole Agility Carrier is simple, convenient and comfortable.

Our Agility Carrier provides the benefits of a baby wrap carrier without the struggle of actually wrapping it. This unique design features a breathable back panel that distributes weight evenly and stretch fabric that provides comfort for both you and your child. This baby carrier securely holds the baby in multiple positions while offering back and shoulder support for the parent. It comes with a sash for additional support.

SIMPLE: because it has no clips, buckles or wrapping, and it slips on like a shirt.

CONVENIENT: because you can carry your baby in several positions 
and it provides hands free bonding with your baby.

COMFORTABLE:  because the carrier is made of soft stretch fabric, 
with a breathable back panel that evenly distributes baby's weight.

The Agility Carrier is safe for carrying babies from 3.5Kg to 16kg and
comes in four sizes to ensure a proper fit for you and comfort for baby.

More Information

60% Polyester/ 32% Cotton/ 8% Spandex

19.5 x 7.6 x 25cm

Care Instructions

The Agility Carrier is machine washable

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